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November 25, 2010

Here’s something that was shared with me this week:

I know this video is about 6 years old, but seeing it on a Facebook wall sorta grinded my gears a little because ya see, the divide between the military and the civilian populations is wider than ever. As many articles found on the internet will attest. What always comes out is the following:

“The general public does not truly understand or appreciate the sacrifices made by service members and their families.”[1]

Which is likely true, especially for someone like me who has never served and has no family member who has ever served. I understand the need for the military and respect them despite some serious behavioural clusterfucks of epic & scandalous proportions, I can’t help but appreciate the work they do.

However I sometimes think the military personnel and their apologists and defenders have drunk the “A few good men” kool-aid. You remember the scene, the “You can’t handle the truth” scene where Col. Nathan R. Jessep goes of on his rant.

“The very freedom that I provide”… yeah that part. Since 9/11 the military have been deemed heroes just for showing up for work. The HP Printer/Iraq Soldier video at first also states the same arrogant swagger. “… to help do my job to protect your freedom […] and you want me to pay you to help me fix it.” While the video is mildly cute and entertaining, but will never top the Office Space Printer scene, it just stuck with me that they keep sticking our noses in the dirt for being mere civilians, which is absurd since the military are in the service of civilian interest, it’s why it’s called military service. They are not our owners, our masters, our anything, they service us. Not the other way around.

I’m always for any service, help, and assistance programs that helps make service men & women’s life better, because we all know how underpaid they are but so are teachers and I don’t see them suffering with huge entitlement issues.

When did “I protect your freedom” become a blank check? Where’s the humility while we’re at it? Well thanks for protecting my freedom but that doesn’t mean you get a free ride. Everyone sings for their supper, and that’s the damn truth. They don’t get to hold that “I protect your freedom” over anyone’s head, because that creates classes of people, which is anti-democratic. The marine is not better than me because he wears a uniform. Everyone plays their part in society, even the homeless guy who has the throw his dignity in a blender to get his lunch. Everybody pays.

No one forced the service people into service. They signed up, of their own free will and volition. They fight wars, they don’t always come back in one piece if they come back at all. Thanks for the sacrifice. But I don’t bow down in front of them and no one should. I respect the military, I don’t venerate them. Wearing a uniform does not make them heroes, heroic actions do. There are plenty of heroes and they don’t all wear uniforms. So can we please scale back the “I protect your freedom” arrogant bullshit? Every thinks of garbage men as trash themselves but where would we be if they didn’t take away our garbage? Neck deep in garbage, that’s where. They’re not heroes but they deserve respect as well. Keep up the great work; just don’t expect me to lick your ass in recompense.

Now I’ll go back to earning my salt.


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  1. Only Jack can pull that off. Legend of his lifetime.

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