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November 6, 2010

I had just gotten back into the photography bit, made friends with a fellow Montreal photographer with a good deal of talent, we went on a short photo walkabout. I felt my inner-shutterbug being resuscitated. A few weeks went by, still working on my pictures then my computer, already shitty with Vista running on it, began to severely degrade performance wise, then one day, a lot of services failed to load, shortcuts began to disappear and it got even slower than Vista normally was. There was my WAR-HORSE dying, gasping for breath. I made emergency backups of all my files and data on my external hard drives, and just in time because as soon I unplugged my external drive, it died.

The hard disk died and the cooling system is pooched. To repair it would be to expensive and being in a financial bind these days I stuck the WAR-HORSE on a shelf and headed out to the local Future Shop and got me this tine little netbook, a HP Mini, for about 325$. So at least I have internet access and remain connected.

Sad part, is my NOVA-FIGHTER has a 10 inch monitor and is really low-profile hardware specs. It could never run the resource starved Photoshop and who can edit photos on a 10 inch monitor? Because of this I have to stick my photography bug on the back burner once again until I can go out and get me some new hardware.

The WAR-HORSE was a monster of a laptop with a 21 inch screen, HD screen, lots of computing and graphical power (and a kick ass sound system) and cost me a fortune. Now I have this tine little NOVA-FIGHTER; swift and spirited but not a power house. Hopefully I won’t be crippled for to long, I got pictures to take. Without a studio what the point of taking pictures?


One of my faves, taken with a point and shoot.

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